In the beginning of 2013 I bought a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition despite I wasn’t sure the camera would be useful for me. It’s a very small action cam with a cool waterproof case and some impressive wide-angle and low light-abilities. In short you can pretty much put the cam everywhere you want, mount it to everything you want and film everything you want. It’s a great camera to fool around. And of course very useful when you’re doing some kind of extreme sports. If you’re jumping of a high cliff into the ocean while spinning and screaming like a maniac: This is the camera you want. You can mount the cam to your head. But please don’t to this naked. Yeah, the wide-angle is that wide that it can even film you while jumping. And you’ll look odd when you forgot your swimming trunks.

That’s actually the point: I’m not doing any extreme sports. But after some days of testing I found out that this is a great camera for a static angle in multicam-editing. When filming something with multiple cameras it’s sometimes quite difficult to find a lens that has a wide-angle and is also useable in low light-situations at the same time. With the GoPro that’s no problem at all and you can easily cover the complete room. Of course the larger the wide angle-setting is the larger the distortion gets but at least you can decide between three options.  There’s also an app for the GoPro for the Iphone and you can connect to it via WiFi. This is amazing for camera control and for framing. And since you can put it everywhere you want you can also get some cool perspectives,too!

There´s only two things I don’t like about the camera: Firstly the software sometimes freezes and you have to pull the battery in order to make it work again. After some firmware updates this got better, but in very few cases it still happens. Secondly the battery-life is not too impressive. After less than an hour  one battery pack is already empty. Maybe it’s not possible because of the size of the camera but a few minutes more would have been great.

Still an amazing camera nonetheless!

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