Marie, Monty, Laura. They are all siblings. And they all wake up at different places where humankind seems to be completely abandoned. The search for orientation is difficult because each of the sisters plays a role in a much larger system.

“The Key” describes the daily life of different people that are part of a multiple personality syndrome-system. It gives an insight into the role of each member, in conversations that are ongoing with the host, and the abysses of our soul where we hide bad things that had happened to us.

A short film by Michael Cherdchupan and Michael Herzog.

With Monty Quintaba, Laura Zink, Marie Euler and Anna Rössel.

Voices: Jessica Hohmann, Michael Cherdchupan

Music: Excerpts from ‘Broken Notes’ by John Anthony Mathewson
Songs: ‘Fight The Sea’, ‘Insomnia’ by Josh Woodward

Technical Assistant: Alexander Wandel

Additional Footage: Cinetrope

With samples by users: rhumphries, herbertboland, freqman, sea-fury, robinhood76, reg7783

Additional thanks to: Susanne Schwab, Angelika Herzog, Akira Yamaoka & Team Silent