“Mehrspieler” and “Mehrspieler Shortcut” are video-podcasts I am working on since 2010 together with my friends at Kollisionsabfrage. Well at least in theory: In the first year the enthusiasm for the project was quite big. We did two big episodes with Gamescom-coverage and produced some other episodes with some really great topics, for example the Video Game Jam, Deadly Premonition or the launch of the Kinect and Playstation Move. Man, these were amazing times! We had a lot of fun making these episodes and had a lot of great guests. As for myself I was quite happy to produce something quite similar to CO-OP, one of my most favorite video-podcast of all time.

But in 2012 motivation started to get lost. We filmed a lot of stuff, but no one started to edit it. It had the biggest effect for the public on the Gamescom 2012-episodes: Pushed by the coverage on our blog by Pixelmacher we filmed and planned eight episodes. Yes, this was very ambitious for just four people but we managed to publish three episodes in three weeks. This wasn’t bad at all. But after the Pixelmacher’s featurettes aired in TV the motivation was completely gone and nobody from the team touched any Gamescom-footage till today. Not to say that most of the time most of the team was doing anything for the project at all.

There´s no one to blame after all: It is still a spare time project and video is hard and time consuming work unless you’re just doing one lame Let’s Play with none editing. But there are still some unpublished interviews with great guests and developers I really would like to show the audience. It´s a lot of work  but I started to view the unused footage of the Gamescom-stuff yesterday and will try to publish it during the next weeks.

There´s also a lot of other stuff that is unedited. Without counting the Gamescom 2012-footage theres about 9 large Mehrspieler-episodes and 11 Shortcuts. Yeah, as I said: We filmed a lot. Now it’s time to edit it already!

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