Schon entschieden …? (directed by Timo Heidt)
Death of the Wii Dance Girl (music)
Break/Down (music, director)
Glance into an uncertain future (sound, Music, directed by Irene Heckmann)
Metamorphosis (directed by Stefan Kaufhold)
Homo Evolutis from Outer Space (sounddesign, Music)
Moveless Time (music, directed by Michael Cherdchupan)
Disappear Here (music, directed by Marie Euler und Michael Cherdchupan)



Glance of into uncertain future (Co-Writer)
Metamorphosis (directed by Stefan Kaufhold)
Homo Evolutis from Outer Space (Co-Writer)



Umgeben (written by Michael Cherdchupan)
Seancè (written by Michael Cherdchupan)
Mehrwegpfand-Spot (was awarded with a prize at Mehrweg-Filmpreis)
Versuchsreihe zur Belastbarkeit von Archivboxen (here’s an article about it)
Love finds a way (written by Irene Heckmann, Marie Euler und Michael Cherdchupan)
I feel the flame



Homo Evolutis from Outer Space
Metamorphosis (directed by Stefan Kaufhold)



Die vergessenen Nachbarn (produced by LWL – Medienzentrum für Westfalen)
Das Versteck (produced by LWL – Medienzentrum für Westfalen)
Simply TV?



Just Listen (directed by Katharina-Meyer Josten)
Der Arschlochgamer (edited by Sebastian Nuss, Pixelmacher)
Mormonen in NRW (directed by Lea Ricking)
Testimonials for Dorma (directed by Max Tsui)
Hexenwahn in Lemgo (directed by Thomas Moormann)
Das Glockenspiel (directed by Anja Laband)
Perfektion (directed by Andreas Hoppe)
Trapped (directed by Tim Kreuzmann)
Schnappschuss (directed by Anja Laband)


In early 2013 I produced an imagefilm for O-Ton Call Center Services GmbH, a german company which offers communication services for ÖPNV (öffentlicher Personennahverkehr).

Currently the film is in its final days of post-production. I`ll offer more informationen here when the film is available to the public.


“My Decay” tells the story of a dancer who gets sick. While suffering from the illness in her mind she fights in her own way against death.

Libretto meines Zerfalls from Michael Cherdchupan on Vimeo.

Kurzfilm breakdown

Spot Flaschen




The “Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe – Medienzentrum” does produce several educational DVDs and I produced a intro they could use. The model is the photographer Hanna Neander.

LWL – Medienzentrum für Westfalen: Logo-Animation from Michael Cherdchupan on Vimeo.

Seance Dings


Mehrspieler” and “Mehrspieler Shortcut” are two video-podcasts of the german gaming-blog “Kollisionsabfrage“. It is a collaborative project between some friends, produced and (in most cases) directed by me. While “Shortcut” is focused on reviews of games, the with more effort produced “Mehrspieler” does mix interviews, discussions and reports together into an rather unusual documentation-format. Its loose concept results in more variation between the episodes but always concentrates on people themselves. Basically “Mehrspieler” is not about gaming. It’s about people who love gaming and talk about it. A huge difference when it comes to the interpretation of games as culture.

We got a lot of guests in the cast and were invited to several events. Episodes that are worth highlighting are:

Mehrspieler #07: Deadly Premonition und Mizzurna Falls

Mehrspieler #09: Gamescom 2011

Mehrspieler #14.1: Gamescom 2012

Mehrspieler 15.1: Musikspiele!

Mehrspieler #17: Cosplay (mit Svetlana Quindt und Wilma Lehmann)

Mehrspieler #18: Wahnsinn in Film und Spiel (mit Wolf Speer)