Indonesia is not very famous for its video game industry. I was very surprised when I heard the first time from the indonesian survival horror game “DreadOut“. It is completely build in Unity 3D, crafted by 11 people – and looks friggn’ awesome!

“DreadOut” does not have the polish of a AAA-game but it does not need to. What´s great about the game is the cultural influence: All ghosts and creatures are in fact taken from indonesian myths what makes it even more creepy when you are not familiar with it. It’s also cool to learn some stuff from Indonesia even if it’s only just some ghosts.

Gameplay wise “DreadOut” looks like a spiritual sucessor to the Fatal Frame-series. Considering these games (that are also known as “Project Zero” in Europe) are amazing this is great news. The developers “Digital Happiness” already published a demo of their game for PC, Mac and Linux and it shows that they know what they are doing: It sounds great, plays great, has great atmosphere and is scary as hell. I love it already!

So I started to spread the word about the game since Digital Happiness was asking for money to fund the game on Indiegogo. I shared my thoughts on Insert Moin and Kollisionsabfrage and  I support “DreadOut” as a Co-Executive Producer. Iif there will be another opportunity to help the team during the production I will be happy to take it!

After one month the game got funded on Indiegogo with 116% of the goal. Amazing! 🙂

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