Frightening – play your fears” was my very first project in terms of video game journalism. It was and is till today a website completely dedicated to videogames of the survival horror-genre. This is still my favorite kind of game and I also still collect these games on my shelf.

Unfortunately the web is constantly moving on and during the years I made several attempts to keep Frightening up to date. The very first version of the page was quite simple: It had just a few menu-items and was split into reviews, previews and news-articles. It also had a forum which was used by a few people. Someday – I think it was about 2006 – I got the idea to make Frightening bigger and started to create a quite complex portal for survival horror-games. Completely on my own! Of course this was way to ambitious but I actually was too busy dealing with the CMS to recognize that. When I was done the site looked great but there was a staff needed to fill it with content – which I didn’t had. So Frightening died slowly and I got more and more unsatisfied over the years.

Then last year I made a big step: I created a new page with WordPress from scratch and started to copy the old articles over to the new installation. Sadly I cannot just make a batch script and transport all of the items into a new database. Also it is much more work than it sounds. Considering I can only work on it in my spare time and all the other projects I am working on … yeah, the new Frightening on WordPress is still under maintenance .

I´ll try to copy the rest of the articles till the beginning of July or August. After all it starts to grow on me again. Why I am bugging myself with this? I still love horror games, remember? Maybe Frightening will – after some work – be interesting for others again.

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