Wow, it’s finally done: My first version of my online portfolio is online! Phew, this was harder than I thought!

Before I decided to build this I asked my friend Manuel what kind of portfolio I should make: Something regular with responsive design and all the fancy stuff that is usual in an modern, functional portfolio or something more risky which the visitor will remember, but maybe not as comfortable as the average online portfolio. Luckily he suggested something more risky and I started to came up with the idea of something that looks totally handcrafted. So here it is: A portfolio that looks like a pinboard. I hope you like it!

I am aware that this is not what to expect from a modern website. You can look at it on your mobile device but it is not responsive and is also very unusual with its horizontal layout. But when putting together the elements of the design, scanning the titles and painting the backgrounds I got more and more convinced over the time that this is the right way to show off my work. I am doing all kinds of stuff but everything got a handmade feel to it: Some of my video work got a lot of handheld-camera, there´s the handwritten font on Kollisionsabfrage and I`m trying to put some personal stuff in my writings (without exposing myself of course). So this pinboard layout seemed natural to me.

There are some details I would like to change in the future, for example the sketches above the blog section. These were actually just some old sketches I found im my drawer. Also I am looking forward for some technical improvements regarding the Shadowbox-windows. As always a webpage is never final and I am sure I will change some minor things in the future. There´s a lot of information I´ll add in the future, especially in some of the descriptions. Till then I am happy to finally have a platform to show you guys some of my work!

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