“DreadOut” is an indonesian survival horror-game that is developed by Digital Happiness. I support this project as a Co-Executive Producer and added a ghost design for the standalone addon “Keepers of the dark”.

The “Seeing Blind”:



the_seeing blind WIP klein

The artists at Digital Happiness created the 3D-Model and implemented it into the game.

Background story:
When “The seeing blind” was alive he was a detective in germany. He was hunting a serial killer for some years wihtout beeing able to catch him. Besides the fact the murderer was of course some kind of psychopath he also collected the eyes of his victims. One day the detective was able to find out were the killer was hiding and almost catched him. After that the psychopath took the collected eyes and fled from germany. The detective hunted him through several countries for some months but finally in Indonesia something bad happened: The detective got caught by the killer and was unfortenately tortured to death. Before he was finally killed the psychpath forced the detective to eat all eyes he collected over the years. After that he burned the body. The detective was found by the local indonesian police with many eyes filled his mouth and stomach. His own eyes were ripped out. Maybe he was forced to eat them, too. The killer was never seen again.
Before the police was able to do an autopsy the body disappeared mysteriously. People say he is wandering around as a ghost. He is confused and disappionted because he always wanted to do good and stop the serial killer. As a doubtful reward for his hard work he had to eat the souls of the people he wanted to revenge. His stomach and mouth is filled with the screams of the lost souls of the victims of the killer. Though he cannot scream himself everytime he opens his mouth up to 20 or 30 different souls can be heard. He carries them around, unable to get rid of them because of the fire they were melted with his wounded body.

Behavior of the Ghost:
– The Seeing Blind cannot speak or scream because of all the eyes filling his insides. Instead he makes a choking sound just like he is trying to get all of them out. He is walking around very confused and concentrating on trying to vomit. He does not hunt or hide. He is just helpless and aimless.
– He is blind and does react to sounds.
– When he sees Linda he is walking straight to her and rips his jaw wide open. He nearly rips his head apart. Inside his mouth are many, many eyes. Some are looking away, most of them are acutally looking at Linda. The Seeing Blind is still making a sound like he is trying to vomit the eyes out, only harder than before. At the same time lots of screams are coming out of his mouth as all eaten souls are tying to escape.
– The jaw closes after every attack but he is able to open it wide open again. Thats why his mouth is wounded and bloody.

You can find more information on the official website.

Here is a trailer for the game: