Michael Cherdchupan



To work as a writer and/or producer in the entertainment industry, applying my experience as the editor, director and author of several short films and tv-features and my Bachelor’s degree in communication design. I am very interesting in telling stories and creating new worlds, also possibly as a novel or a video game.




Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design at Fachhochschule Dortmund

final mark: 1.12


Apprenticeship at Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe – Medienzentrum

apprenticeship for media design
final mark for thesis film: 1.7


Abitur at Max-Planck-Gymnasium, Dortmund

Abitur (equivalent to A-level), final mark: 2.6
Focus subjects: German, English
Further examination subjects: Philosophy, Biology




Game writer, sound designer and game designer on several game-projects

Contributed sound design on several projects like Wings! Remastered Edition and Ghost Control Inc. Also working as a game writer and game designer on several projects, like Rainbow Skies and some unannounced titles.


Producer of several tv-features for Pixelmacher on ZDFkultur/3Sat

Contributed to the tv-show “Pixelmacher” on the german television channel “ZDFkultur”, later “3Sat” with several tv-features that were about 4 to 5 minutes long. They contained research and interviews for different videogame-related topics. Production included writing, filming, editing and mastering the feature.


Director, sound-designer and writer of “The Archivist”

Directed, sound-designed and wrote the short “The Archivst” which was produced by FH Dortmund. The film was nominated for an award at the 26. international Filmfest Braunschweig.


Director, producer, sound-designer and writer of “The Key”

Directed, produced, edited, sound-designed and worte the short “The Key” which was co-produced by Michael Herzog. The film was in the selection of the Festival international Signes de Nuit.


Producer of video-podcast “Mehrspieler”

Produced and directed the video-podcast “Mehrspieler” which deals with videogame topics and is available over blip.tv, I-Tunes and Youtube. “Mehrspieler” is part of the video game blog “Kollisionsabfrage”.


Producer and composer of three music albums (wh[!]sperd@ate)

Produced and composed three electronic music albums under the artist name “w[!]sperd@te”. These are available in nearly every online music-shop and Bandcamp.


Intership at NBC GIGA

Contributed in a four month-intership at live-tv on NBC GIGA by providing technical assistance in control room.

These are just a few projects I worked on. The list would be too long if I would list them all here. You can find a lot more on my online portfolio.




Intern at BluBox-Project and Only-4-Us

Contributed and designed some parts of the websites to Only-4-Us and BluBox-Project. These were local youth projects initiated by the city Dortmund itself.




German (Native)
Englisch (Fluent)
Thai (Basic)
Latin (Basic)


Final Cut 7 (Very Good)
Final Cut Pro X (Very Good)
Avid (Good)
Pro Tools (Good)
Ardour (Good)
Renoise (Good)
Apple Motion (Good)
DVD Studio Pro (Very Good)
MS Office (Good)
Open Office (Good)
Dreamweaver (Good)
Photoshop (Good)
Pixelmator (Very Good)




As a writer I am of course very interested in books and films but videogames are finally starting to grow up and recognizing their possibilities in terms of storytelling. There are already some games who use the active role of the player to put him into the narrative itself and let him feel aspects of a drama that would not be possible in a film or book, for example guilt and responsibility. I will always keep an eye on games since I believe they will play a larger role in the future.


Badminton is a fast sport to train reflexes, endurance and teamplay. I have been playing it for several years now.



will follow (currently asking some people for permission to mention them here)



1998, 2nd prize at Dortmunder Literaturwettbewerb
1999, 3rd prize at Dortmunder Literaturwettbewerb
2000, 1st prize at Dortmunder Literaturwettbewerb
2001, 3rd prize at Dortmunder Literaturwettbewerb
2002, 3rd prize at Dortmunder Literaturwettbewerb
2003, 4th prize at Dortmunder Literaturwettbewerb
2003, Nomination at LesArt-Preis der jungen Literatur
2003, Text des Monats (Januar), Stadt- und Landesbibliothek Dortmund
2005, Selection at Youth Icons
2007, 3rd prize at Fanpage-Contest for Clive Barker`s Jericho
2008, 3rd prize at Mehrweg-Filmpreis
2012, Nomination Leo-Filmpreis (26. Filmfest Braunschwieg)